Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Super Gallbladder Helper, Yummy!

Since this is a blog about not dating, and I am in fact not dating, I will talk about the 4-day detox juice diet I’m currently following! Exciting, isn’t it? 
This is Day 3 of my 4-day detox juice diet, and I’m dying, DYING, to chew on something! Anything! (Pervie, no dirty thoughts. You know who you are.)
Now, the detox/cleansing diet has its advantage, or else why would Beyonce, Britney and many other starlets do them? But contrary to most people’s assumptions, I’m not doing it to lose weight, but really to cleanse my body of all toxins. I’ve been feeling bloated, tired and just BLAH. And my eating habits haven’t been the most stellar recently. 
I smoke, I cannot function without caffeine, I love to eat out, and I probably drink more than should. I have a love affair with food, a nice juicy steak, mmmmm, foie gras, duck confit, and cheese, oh god cheese! Add to that, red wine, and a couple of dirty martinis, I think I’m due for a thorough spring cleaning. And I wanted to do it the natural way, no supplements, powders, diuretics, etc. Just good ol’healthy produce!  
So, I did some research online and ended up buying the book “DETOX for the rest of us”, by Carole Jacobs, former nutrition editor at Shape Magazine. (Hmmm.....former...) Safe and easy plans to cleanse your body, boost your metabolism, lose weight and feel great! SOLD! So far, the book seems pretty good. It offers quite a wide range of options, includes recipes, and a short description of the cleansing benefits for each recipe. 
I flipped to the table of contents, and picked the shortest cleanse available. Shit, it’s a juice only cleanse... Ok, Ok, 4 days, not that bad.  
So, Monday morning, I went grocery shopping and bought all my fruits and vegetables, I was really pumped. And I am glad to say, I haven’t cheated yet....yet. Well, I kinda cheated, but in my opinion it doesn’t count. When I make the juices, I save some of the pureed fruits in a Tupperware for desperate times. (Yes, in 4 days, they do occur.)  And I don’t consider this cheating due to the fact that, last night, I sat in front of two girlfriends while they were scoffing down McD’s and did not even steel one fry! Although I wanted to lick the damn quarter pounder box.  
Tonight was a delight! Four cups of Super Gallbladder Helper, chilled. Yummy!  
Ingredients: one cup of spinach, one cucumber, 3 celery branches, with leaves, half a cup of italian parsley, and half an inch piece of ginger root. Except that I didn’t properly read the recipe, and ended up putting half of an entire ginger root. It was sooooooo freakin’ spicy! And so freakin’ green!  
Plus, it seems that the juices are getting grosser and grosser, or is it just me that can’t wait for the end of it? 
One more day, one more day. I’m going to a Martini cheesecake party on Friday. Some need a carrot on a stick, I need martinis and cheesecake. 

Super Gallbladder Helper
(Yes, I own a Snuggy and a Magic Bullet. I love "As seen on TV"...)

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  1. Came to your blog from Liv. ;)

    I must say I am envious you were able to keep up with the cleanse and not cheat. I try to stop eating Chipotle for three days and I start to get jittery. Lol. Wait, that's sad...

    Hmmm...I should probably be more like you! Haha.

    PS. Cute blog!