Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yeah, thanks...

Alright, so how much longer were y'all gonna to let me go before you told me I mispelled my own blog's name??!!! Yes, I'm talking to all five of you!! 

Last night, I changed the URL and I realized that the link on your dashboards would then be broken. So, I'm putting my pride aside and mispelling it...again. 

Then I got curious, so here are some interesting things I've learned when I googled "Snuggy":

1. snuggy: A condom. So named because its use implies that the wearer is well endowed (hence, it fits snugly). Oh, man. I was this close to getting laid, but neither of us had a snuggy.
2. snuggy: Another term for a "wedgie" or "melvin" that was commonly used in the '70's, to describe what happens when your shorts get pulled up into the crack of your butt. I hate wearing boxers because they bunch up around my crotch and give me a snuggy.

3. snuggy: Same as a wedgie only lifting up the FRONT of the pants, so the victim's genitalia are suddenly divided & pinched/crushed by his or her underwear, i.e. an acute case of camel-toeThe daring perp must move swiftly to administer a painful snuggy without himself being assaulted.

Also, I found a site that sells Snuggies. The site name and URL are mispelled, and they have a huge fucking picture of the Snuggie box on their homepage!!!

Snuggy hoods - for smart horses....WTF?! 
Check out the Sweet Itch model below...the poor horse...


  1. Hy beautiful! your blog is so sweet! I was wondering, would you like to follow each other? :X